Top Cities for Job Seekers to Find the Most Appropriate Job

The job perceptions and preferences are different for every individual out there. Same as that the job market for every city differs from each other on multiple bases. Here was having got the best cities for job seekers that are evaluated on the basis of four major percentiles.

  • Job market favorability
  • Average salary against the cost of living
  • Work-life balance
  • Job security and advancement

All four of the mentioned factors are important to define the scores for cities in their job favorability and advise the job seekers to reach there in order to have secured future and healthy career. After analyzing data from over 50 cities we get to finalize some of the best ever cities for job seekers that provides them not only the best living standards and job offerings but a favourable environment too.

All the Sunny Side on the List

The good news for the job seekers is they have the best cities available in the list with all blue skies and moderate weather conditions. In the opt them Florida is the home to three cities that include Miami at first, Orlando in second and Jacksonville in the seventh position. Two cities Austin and Huston from Texas also made it be in the list while California got three cities San José, San Diego and Sacramento in the list. While Raleigh, North Carolina and Memphis, Tennessee are also in the list. Overall the top 15 metros on the list are in the south and west regions of United States.

The stats and data study revealed that the fastest growing cities in the nation are coming from the Sun Belt. The senior VP Paul D’Arcy remarked as “the Sun Belt continues to be the region of opportunities and high growth as the companies and job seekers have moved there due to a strong job market.”

The list not only having the blue skies or hot climes but it does have some options for those who prefer chills. On 17th position in the list, we have Seattle with, particularly strong salary performance. In the northeast, Hartford, Connecticut comes at 18 the 21st is held by Providence, Rhode Island.

Here you have a table with top25 cities of US for the job seekers that are ranked as per their percentiles against each other. The percentiles explain to what per cent a city was better than its commentators.

City Spotlights

Let’s have a look into the leading city spotlights and get to know more about these cities for recommendations and to support the results.

At the highest point, we’ve Miami, FL as it has the best overall ranking for work-life balance, job security and advancement.  But there is a downside that the dollar doesn’t stretch as far as in any of the other cities under consideration.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) explains that the major industry in Miami is trade, transport and utilities that are followed by professional and business services. You can find out major employers with the headquarters and regional centre in the city that includes Lennar and cruise line giant Carnival too.

In the job market favorability Orlando, FL performed 98% than other cities including Miami. It does have some highest scores for work-life balance and job security as well. The city does have a downside just like Miami that a dollar doesn’t go quite as far here in comparison to other cities.

According to BLS, the major industry of the city is the leisure and hospitality as you can see a number of resorts and theme parks there. There is no wonder in knowing that The Wallet Disney Company and restaurant chain operator Darden have a quite significant presence in the city. On the other hand, the second largest business opportunity is of trade industry including transportation that opens up diversified opportunities.

Raleigh, NC is friendliest to all the job seekers even from the other cities as in terms of salary it performs well. The ratings for this area lift up the other weaker rankings in work-life balance and job security and advancement. Duke University and Health System and IBM are the significant employers based in the city.

Austin, TX was witnessed as the fastest growing metropolitan in the nation from 2011 to 2014. The city scored best in job market favorability and work-life balance and it is the first city of the list to land above 50% for each measure. You can have Apple, Dell and many other headquarters or major regional offices in the city.

Sacramento, CA scored best in every category but in salary and work life its percentile has been remarkable. The state capitol is the major industry here and its do have many of the regional centres from leading companies like Intel and McClatchy company.

Surprisingly the cities like Chicago and New York have been missing from the list. In the past, these were the leading stop for the job seekers but the recent data revealed that people are staying away from these places.

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