If you don’t know where to start, we’ll comment here on the criteria that should be evaluated when choosing the ideal insurance policy!Here are six tips on how to choose your home insurance.

1. Know your needs




Home insurance offers several coverages, precisely to meet the specific needs of each insured. You can customize it any way you want!

For example, if your residence is located in a region where there are rivers, streams, and sewage concentration manholes, among other variables that involve the risk of flooding or flooding, it would be interesting to contract Flood and Flood coverage.

This is one of several situations that need to be considered to help you choose the most suitable coverage for your property.

2. Make the best combination between basic and additional coverage

When taking out home insurance, some coverage, known as basic, will already be included in your policy. They are fire; lightning strike that directly damages the insured property; explosion and implosion of any nature and origin.

3. Choose an insurance company with experience and credibility in the market

This is an extremely important factor. When choosing the insurer, take into account its position in the market, whether it is  reliable and recognized.

Before requesting a quote, research the reputation of the broker, as well as the time it has been in the market, the strength and structure it can offer you.

4. Understand your insurance policy

It is essential to read the insurance policy carefully. Only then will you know exactly what is being hired.

This is the time to resolve all your doubts and understand everything that was agreed with the insurance company. Enlist the important help of your insurance broker for this task.

Pay attention to the data contained in the policy:  registration data, risk data, list of contracted coverage, the value of IS (insured amounts), deductibles and/or mandatory participation of the insured, payment conditions, and effective date.

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    5. Look for a reliable broker

    Insurance contracts are often quite complex and you may be somewhat lost when taking out your home insurance. A  good broker will help you tailor your home insurance policy according to your main needs.

    Make sure that the chosen professional is accredited by the  Superintendency of Private Insurance  (SUSEP).

    6. Choose the best insurance company

    It is important that you know how to differentiate between those who work seriously and have solidity from those who do not. Knowing the company’s operating time and the scope of its service is very important to make the right decision.

    Do a thorough research and try to see what additional coverage and differentiated services the insurer offers.

    Find out before making a decision.