How to Make Money Using Facebook: 7 Proven Methods

Are you looking for proven methods how to make money using Facebook? Do you want to make a passive income through Facebook? If you shake your head in positive movement then let me explain that how could you earn from Facebook. After Google the Facebook is known as the 2nd biggest searching website. Through all over the world there are 2 billion uses active on Facebook on daily basis. There is a huge amount of the masses connect each other at one time throughout the world.

So, we can say thatFacebook could be the best platform to marketing your product over the world. Therefore; most of the people search for how to make money using Facebook. But the problem is that how to make marketing of the products in the righteous way for getting good goal. Here are top 7 proven ways are discussed by adopting which you can earn a handsome amount from Facebook.

1.      Sell Your Own Products

So, you are the owner of any eBook, software or any other product, you are able and allowed to sale it through your Facebook page. Post the relevant products on your page to maximize your sell rate. By a little amount of hardworking you can earn a handsome amount.

Here Are the Tips:

  • Only post the relevant product.
  • Do not post the products that you cannot provide.
  • Try to choose the most demanded products.
  • Discount offers are the key points to promote the sell.

2.      Sell Affiliate Products

Can you believe that you do not have your own products, but you are still able to earn money throughFacebook? If you are not familiar, then let me explain that how could it be possible. On the online platforms there are thousands of affiliate programs are available. Just join the best running affiliate programs and promote their products throughout the world through your Facebook page. These affiliate programs give you a handsome percentage if you sell their products through your page.

Here Are the Tips:

  • Before joining any affiliate, program make a fair search
  • Try to promote the hottest products
  • Provide some kinds of discounts offers
  • The better result comes out by selling low price products

3.      Facebook Application

People who are familiar with PHP and any other software language are earning a good amount through creating and launching Facebook application. If you are also one of them who are software developer, then you can also make a handsome amount by applying game applications and some others.

how to make money using Facebook? Here Are theTips:

  • Sell the application you created.
  • You can add “Donate Button” to this application.
  • You can show the ads inside the application.

4.      Link Shortener

It is considered as the oldest method. If you have a huge number of fans or users on your page, then you can make this method to get better result. But Facebook has become, somehow, strict in this method and often banned you directly. 

how to make money using Facebook? Here Are theTips:

  • Use this method carefully.
  • Avoid from the illegal activity.
  • Before shortening the link short it
  •, link bucks and some others are then name that pay for shorten the links

5.      Referral Program

Referral programs offer you to earn money through the several ways. Following are the best tips:

how to make money using Facebook? Here Are theTips:

  • See videos.
  • Visit a website.
  • Read emails.
  • Share the referral links to your Facebook page.  

6.      Sponsor Post

Once you have reached to a huge amount of Facebook fan page than you can earn the money through a sponsor spot. Your sponsors pay you if you are providing visitors to them.

7.      Get Paid for Likes

Know an ordinary method is also running that you are to be paid by liking some fan pages. This is quite ordinary from all the above mentioned.

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