About US

Women Right Association (WRA) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-sectarian, liberal, secular and not for profit organization, has been actively engaged in community development projects since 15 years in the most deprived, and marginalized communities of Southern Punjab region of Pakistan.

WRA registered under act 1961 in 2002 to fight against gender-based violence promotes, social cohsion, launch advocacy to support women in southern Punjab region of Pakistan. We work with our skilled and competent staff and pool of professional trainers, whom are designing and implementing programs, projects, advocacy campaigns, trainings and developing modules.

We closely cooperate with print and electronic media, lawyers, government departments/institutions, academia, professional bodies, national and international human rights organizations/networks to give the best possible support to our beneficiaries.

We provide economic and social opportunities especially to women and youth groups for their development and enabling them for a collective peaceful social and political struggle. We are developing WRA as a rights-based institution serving people specially the marginalized, organizing and capacitating organizations and providing quality social and economic services. WRA successfully serves and reinforcement the community in 5 districts of South Punjab namely Multan, Khanewal, Bahawalpur, Muzaffargarh and Lodhran.

WRA work to fight poverty, discrimination, injustice through working with pro-women organizations, government and movements on basic rights to achieve our goals. We believe in leadership development in society, so its focus women and youth to accelerate development process to maximize productivity and long lasting impact.

Since its beginning WRA is engaged in different community development and sensitization projects on self-help basis, members support and local donors. WRA is further expanding and increasing the scope and geographical focus of the organization.

Currently WRA has strong presence in different parts of Punjab and is working through:
1. Community Awareness and Sensitization.
2. Social cohsion and Confilct transformation
3. Development of national and international youth networks and alliences
4. Capacity Building Sessions.
5. Advocacy and Networking.

WRA Vision:

A peaceful and democratic society that guarantees institutionalized equal rights and opportunities to all.

WRA Mission:

To organize and capacitate all the sections of society especially women and youth, provide them economic and social opportunities, develop their linkages, promote democratic institutions so that they could establish a collective and peaceful struggle for a just society

Core Values:

1. Equal employment opportunities for all without any discrimination.
2. Participation of community members at all stages of the development process.
3. To carry out development activities and bring social change through peace and tolerance.
4. To respect all the religions, diverse culture, mores, values and beliefs.
5. Participatory approaches for decision making.
6. Believe and promote gender equality and gender equity at every level.
7. Maintain high level of transparency and accountability of resources.
8. Intervention of development activities at all regions, villages and communities without any discrimination.
9. To ensure collaboration, coordination and cooperation with other sister organizations and social networks.
10. To provide opportunities for learning and capacity building to the employees through trainings and refresher courses.

Thematic Areas:

WRA believes in Multi sectorial approach and believes that sustainable development can’t be achieved without using multi sector approach. Current WRA is focusing in below mentioned sectors:
• Gender equality
• Entrepreneurship/ Livelihood
• Democracy & Governance
• Peace & Social Cohesion
• Women and Youth Empowerment

Key Stakeholders:

Primary Stakeholders:
o Women (especially those victims of violence and torture, poverty and injustice)
o Youth and Marginalized Communities
o Religious and Ethnic Minorities
o Government Departments

Secondary Stakeholders:
o Local networks, advocacy groups and coalitions
o Training and research institutions at Punjab and Pakistan level
o Poor and especially those living on and below poverty line
o Community groups
o Political and social activists, local community networks
o Development professionals, literary groups, labor organizations, farmers and workers’ groups

Sources of Income:

WRA believes in volunteerism however for smooth operations and community welfare tasks, WRA has established Fund Raising Unit. The organization is generating resources & funds from below mentioned sources:
1. Members Donations
2. Community Donations
3. Grants from National and International Donors.
4. Support from Government Institutions.
5. Income from events organized for charitable purpose.