6 Signs Your New WordPress Site is Compromised

Planning a new WordPress site? Read this article till end to know your website is not compromised. A conservative estimate is that there are over 15 million websites throughout the world are powered by WordPress. To days this platform is considered as the most dominant for Content Management System CMS over the 60 % of the CMS markets around the world. Your own website is probable running through WordPress.

But Alas! Here is the bad news we are going to unveil for the users of new WordPress site. WordPress sites are under the popularity list of top hackers. Web Security firm reveals that out of the 11,485 there are 78% of websites are investigated within the three initial three months of 2016 and these were powered by WordPress. It does not matter for the Cyber criminals whether your site is running for a decent and suitable business profit or it is with the less visitors. They can hack you for any purpose anytime. So, for being secure you must go through the following mentioned tips:

1. Login Error

Login system through newWordPress site is not a recognized. The hackers can easily entrap your login and can get access towards your data base. Once, they did it you will not be longer able to login to your site. It means you have lost your website completely.

2.  Slow and Unresponsive Design of new WordPress site

This is also, sometimes, done by the hackers that once they enter into your database, they inject some kinds of malicious codes. These malicious codes render the slowness and irresponsibility of your site. Once, your site becomes slow and irresponsible then obviously you cannot reach the targeted audience to grow your business.

3.  WordPress Emails cannot be Send or Receive

Antagonistic movement of your website towards you is the most loveable task by the hackers. The registration of your email accounts may be delayed when you will receive a lot of spam emails. The process of spam emails is the activity of the hackers to destroy your website.

4.  Another Website Content Displays on Yours

Let’s imagine you are organising an event that is the most valuable for you and your company. But at the time of discussion through your website you see your site takes temporary load and it totally converts into another webpage. At the same time, you are also unable to recover the problem. It means you have been hacked. How does this influence you and your business? You can’t even handle your problems then how you will be able to deal the clients?

5.  Google Says Your newWordPress site Is Insecure

Visitors come to see your website and Google warns them to get access towards your website due to some malicious reasons. The users will find that by interacting with your website their system can get serious harms. They will never see you again anytime. This means the visitors will not be familiar with you and your business will go down day after day.

6.  Web Hosting Is Going to Be Offline

Once you hacked your hosting panel informs you through an email that you have gone offline or you are removed from server.Assuming you haven’t let your subscription expire, this can be a protecting action. If left on-line, a hacked web site will unfold malware to alternative servers and continue the chain reaction.

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