11 Best Web Development Blogs You Should Read

For being updated about the latest running trends of websites, our heads hail alike to the blogs. The best web development blogs that are ruling on the readers and still occupy the prestigious positions from the list of top being blogs around the globe. The main traits that make you top listed and allow the readers to call it best come when you make implements that distinctive and other than the normality. These traits or characters you will find within these below described top ranked blogs. A distinction always comes to be prominent because it differs than that of the normal being aspects. The same thing comes to see when we read these best web development blogs. Let’s come to get familiar about the facts that make these blogs distinctive from others and render the good achievements of the bloggers.

1- Six Revisions

In the list of best web development blogs, Six Revision is the best. Although it is an oldest piece or work instead we would like to call it better platform for developers to learn something every time. It is consider as the source provides the practical and precious articles to the developers to learn the new ideas and ways to develop the websites just according to the latest trends.

The thing makes the readers attentive is that it provides the regular contents to the learners or interested people by which the users get benefited. Normally we find helpful contents or articles within 2 to 5 days regularity.

2- Specky Boy

It won’t be false if we call the Specky Boy blog a designed magazine. At this podium we find the latest design or templates resources and at the same time the blog focuses to provide the useful insights about the latest web development and technologies that all became happen by Paul Andrew the publisher of The Specky Boy.

It is to be suggested to the front end developers or designers that this blog is the main and effective source for them to keep updated about the latest trends of web development techniques.

3- Web Resources Depot

From the great web development blogs Web Resources Depot is the one offers new posts and ideas on daily basis to the followers. It is definitely a great content providing podium for the developers or development learners. For begin updated about the latest running and ruling trends of web development this blog considers as the good one.

A regular work, authentic and proper guidelines, good quality content, latest updates, readers’ satisfaction and good language are all the key points of this blog.

4- Smashing Magazine

Number 4 in the best web development blogs is Smashing Magazine. Another precious blog related to web news which can never be neglected is Smashing Magazine. It provides the great knowledge on daily bases about the different trends of web development. One can easily learn about the latest trends of useful languages of development. These languages are comprised on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other related. An easy browsing method with detailed guideline is just amazing to be benefited.

5- David Walsh

David Walsh is the blog that bestows you the sources by which you feel too comfort yourself if you are in the field of software engineering. Here at this blog with the great format and knowledge the articles about CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and much more you can find through an easy browsing method. A proper way to use these languages and tools to be familiar with the latest trends of development David Walsh teaches. If you are the software development then you must have a look on this blog once. You will definitely stumble upon this to make true your future endeavors.

6- Onextra Pixel

From the title name of the blog we can easily take the idea that about which this blog has created. It is one of the most precious one podium for you if you’re not only a web designer but web developer too. Here one can find the precious and useful contents about the latest languages of web development to be dominated on the latest trends of best web development blogs.

7- Stoyan’sphpied.com

Stoyan Stefanov is the Facebook engineer and also known as the author of the books with great contents running his personal blog with the name of phpied.com. For finding new articles, new tools and even new frameworks Stoyan helps you to be satisfied. The tools and frameworks are provided to meet the latest requirements of the clients and at the same time the articles provide great knowledge that how to utilize these tools and frameworks.

8- Coding Horror

Coding Horror defines itself by its own that which is purpose of this blog. It is one of the resources provider blog created by Jeff Atwood a well-known name in the field of software engineering. If you are also in the field of software engineering then you can definitely find the great insights from this blog. As we know that Jeff himself a software engineer or developer so he shares his personal experience to the people who are really interested to make some implements in this field to sake something. Once try this one you will definitely be tempted to see it again and again.

9- Alex Sexton

Alex Sexton a well-known name in JavaScript functioning offers a personal blog which covers the broad range of topics related to JavaScript through a friendly and easy browsing web platform. The new trends and tools that are going to be explored in front of the world you can find here by the workout of Alex Sexton. He is just waiting for you to visit. You are suggested to visit once at there.

10- Paul Irish

With the aim to make the life easier for the developers Paul Irish offers his personal blogs with all the things that are enough to make his aim true. Paul is himself a developer and is currently giving his services to Google Chrome DevTools at Google. He shares his personal experience regularly from which the developers throughout the world are being benefited.

11- Scotch.io

Helpful articles, tutorials, videos and other sources about the different languages including Angular JS, node, JavaScript, Bootstrap and others. If you are looking for something new to bet the requirement of latest trends of development then you should definitely stumble upon this blog to be benefited. A proper workout you’ll find here and your question which is“How to Do?” will be killed here. Our best web development blogs list is completed here. We are looking for your previous comments below.

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